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The scriptures describe the church as a Body - where every single person is a part of the body, meant to be doing its part. You are saved to serve! When you serve on a CP TEAM, you are walking out your commitment to Jesus and the mission of his church. Your service on a CP TEAM helps to strengthen the church Body and our shared mission. Your service on a CP TEAM also strengthens and stretches you - and helps you grow personally as well! Our ideal pathway for your service on a team at Centerpoint is through GROW TRACK, although you may have begun to serve on a team before completing GROW TRACK in some cases. In some cases you will find a role in which to serve on a CP TEAM where you are in the sweet spot of your primary spiritual gift. Many other times - you are simply serving as all Christians are called to for the glory of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ to be furthered through the healthy, thriving church Body!

Scriptural foundations for this step: Ephesians 4:16, 1 Peter 4:10-11, 1 Corinthians 121-6; Romans 12:6-8

Discipleship Steps

Learn more about each step and how we help you track them below:

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I have engaged in the public, prophetic, personal declaration of my faith by being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ!

We keep track by recording your name as someone we have baptized, or recording your indication that you have already been baptized as a believer!


I have made a commitment to be a partner in ministry with Centerpoint Church as the Body of believers God has called me to!

We keep track by making a record of your partnership commitment which you complete during Grow Track, or by a record of your previous membership covenant with our church.

CP Groups

I am connected in a small group for intentional discipleship community, fellowship, and growth with my Centerpoint church family!

We keep track by making a record of your status as a member of any CP GROUP, including the groups formed through our CP CLASSES. You may be a part of more than one CP GROUP!

Attends Worship

I am regularly present for the weekend service to receive the pastoral teaching, experience God’s presence in the congregation, and give God my worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ!

We keep track by making a record of your status of attending worship by your own check-in and your own self-reflected attendance.


I regularly participate in the outreach and impact of God’s Kingdom through a CPGO experience to reach the lost and serve the poor!

We keep track by making a record of your status of participating in CPGO by your own check-in and your own self-reflected participation in a CPGO experience. ‘Regularly’ is subjective - but ideally, this means once a quarter or more.

Share Your Testimony

I have written my testimony and am prepared to share it!

We keep track when you upload your personal testimony

Gives Financially

I regularly give financially to support the mission of my Centerpoint Church, giving my tithes and offerings to further the work of God through my church!

We keep track when you give of tithes and offerings more than $1,200 in 90 days OR have recurring giving set up of any amount.

Grow Track

I have completed the Centerpoint GROW TRACK discipleship foundations experience, and am equipped to understand, align with, and serve my church’s mission!

We keep track of when you complete GROW TRACK.