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Nestled in the beautiful valley of Murrieta, California, Centerpoint Church is all about life-changing connections!   We want to grow your relationship with God.  We offer powerful worship and Biblical teaching.  We’re a diverse and authentic community of Christian brothers and sisters.   At Centerpoint you’ll find love, compassion and warmth for all people. 

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– Blessings

Pastors John & Ann Hansen


Dear Centerpoint friends and family,

This week on Monday night, our Next Steps ministry area volunteers and leaders met for a team-building time as we are in a mode of rebuilding and preparing to relaunch many of our key ministries. I was overjoyed to hear the words of encouragement, hope, love, and connection. One brother, Isaiah, shared simply and emphatically, “God is here! God is here – in the midst of it all – in the middle of the death, the sickness, the life, the blessing―in it all, through it all, GOD IS HERE!”. It is such a refreshing truth to focus on! And friends, I can tell you that God is here among all of our Centerpoint Church teams, people, and experiences! Last weekend through the weekend experience, one brother was healed supernaturally as Pastor James prayed for God’s touch, and several others received Christ! If you’ve stopped joining in online or coming in person, you’re missing the good stuff!

 Be a part this weekend’s services – online or on the patio!

This weekend, I will be sharing the final chapter of Supreme Over All.  This is an incredible sermon series – you’ll absolutely want to be part of it!  We will continue to have all four of the weekend services online.  Additionally, we will be having our in-person services Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 9am and 11am.

– blessings

John Hansen


In-person services this weekend: 

Online services: 
SUNDAY 9, 11, 1

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John Hansen, Lead Pastor - February 28, 2021

Part 9 | Grace & Chains

Welcome to week 9 of Supreme Over All! In this series we took 9 weeks to go through the book of Colossians! If you've never studied a book of the bible before, this is a great opportunity to do so! This week Pastor John will be taking a look at Colossians 4:7-18 and how Gods grace helps us make it through!

Scripture References: Colossians 4:7-18


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There are more than 250,000 people disconnected from Jesus or Church who live in our valley. We believe that every one of those people matters to God – and each one should matter to us as well.

ALL FOR THE ONE is an opportunity to rally together with a commitment to do our all for the one Jesus wants to reach.