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If you’ve ever played any online game, you know that one of the goals is to level up. The game wouldn’t stay all that interesting if you were always at the same level. But did you know that there are ways to level up in life? As much as we might want to think we’ve got everything in our lives completely dialed in - truth be told, there’s probably some room for improvement for all of us. Can you think of some aspects of your life that you wish would be better? Maybe it’s time to level up. This series will help you to take steps forward in your relationships, in your personal life plan, and in your spirituality through five key decisions that open the door for you to level up! 

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There are more than 250,000 people disconnected from Jesus or Church who live in our valley. We believe that every one of those people matters to God—and each one should matter to us as well. ALL FOR THE ONE is an opportunity to rally together with a commitment to do our all for the one Jesus wants to reach.

Everlasting Peace

See how God brought peace and reconciliation to Neil & Donna's story at Centerpoint Church.

addicted to jesus

See how Cynthia encountered Christ in a life-changing way at Centerpoint Church.

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