At Centerpoint Church, we desire for everyone in our community to have a role and a relationship!

God has a good plan, a place of belonging, and a destiny for you. Whether you have recently committed your life to Jesus, or have served in the church for years, we have a next step for you!    We have made it easy for you to get connected at Centerpoint through each step of our discipleship pathway. We are all on a journey to follow Christ.

These next steps will help you in that process while also experiencing community and life-changing connections. This is what we call CP Life!


Welcome to Centerpoint Church!
This is the first step in letting us know you were our guest! We hope we hosted you well. You can look forward to someone contacting you within a week to welcome you more personally.
Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on, you will always have a place of belonging with us.

If you have questions about this step and others to come, please do not hesitate to email us at


If you’re new to Centerpoint or looking to get connected, you are invited to Connecting Point Lunch! Centerpoint Church is dedicated to creating an atmosphere where you can find your unique place and become an authentic part of our CP family.

So, we invite you to join us for lunch! A ‘delicious’ way to meet our pastors and find out more about the Centerpoint community. We hope to see you there!

Connecting Point Lunch is on hold until early February, but we would love to invite you for a “get to know us” through our CP101 program. CP101 is an intro to CP Life experience. You will get a behind the scenes tour of the campus, learn about who we are and where we came from and have an opportunity to join a group or team! Come Join us!


The Next Step in your journey is to get involved – and there is no greater satisfaction in life than serving others! Jesus said, “Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for Me.” – Matthew 25:40.

Whether parking a car, holding a door, rocking a baby, or offering a smile to a stranger, life’s truest fulfillment happens as you lay your life down for someone else.

We have a place just for you on one of our teams. CP 101 is our pathway to volunteering and joining every CP Team.

You make us better!

Find the next CP101 on the calendar below.


The church isn’t something we do, it is who we are.  A word that you will often hear around Centerpoint is the word, “community”.  Community is intentionally doing life with others in a meaningful and fulfilling way.  We place a high value on community here at Centerpoint, and we live it out through our Connect Groups that meet locally throughout the week.  It is our heart and vision for anyone that calls Centerpoint their home to know they are not alone in their spiritual journey. This is what we call CP Life!

Become A Connect Group Leader

Connect Groups are the core of Centerpoint Church. We are looking for more leaders to facilitate a Connect Group community experience, where people discuss & live the Christian life together. The purpose of a Connect Group leader is to provide an experience that gives each member the best opportunities to mature as a disciple of Jesus and experience community outside of weekend services.


Being a Christian means that you belong to Jesus. It means that you’re a disciple of Jesus; you have a home in Heaven to look forward to in eternity, and an opportunity in the here and now to partner with Jesus in advancing the Kingdom of Heaven, His Kingdom!  His vision for you is that you would be connected to your brothers and sisters in Christ in a particular local church as a partner in the ministry of the church.

In some churches, the word ‘membership’ is more common. Becoming a partner of Centerpoint Church is our membership commitment. Words matter; and the scriptures describe you as a member of the Body already! But to best live out who you are as a member of the Body of Christ calls for you to truly be a partner in ministry in your local church. So, for membership at Centerpoint Church, we invite you to make a commitment to engage in partnership in our church.

Would you be a partner with us in our mission of loving and leading people to a life-changing connection with Christ?

Take a moment and read through the Centerpoint Partner Covenant; pray over the commitment and step of spiritual maturity it represents. When you are ready, complete the form signifying your agreement and affirmation of the partnership covenant. I believe that the church is stronger when more of us move from being spectators to being supporters, from being consumers, to being contributors in the mission of the church. Again, when you are ready, complete the form to affirm your partnership commitment in the CP mission!

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