God’s idea for the church is that each of us would take our place and do our part to see the body grow. When we do, we can be part of a community together that is healthy and full of love. That is a blessing worth going after! Sign up for a CP101 tour to get a behind the scenes peek into all things Centerpoint. You might just discover how you can do your part.

Embrace Foster/Adopt Training and Support

FSA Training
2x Saturdays/month
(CPK #8 Room)

First Aid
1 Saturday/month
(CPK #4 room)

Foster/Adopt Support Group with Potluck
The 4th Monday/month
(CPK #8 Room)
Centerpoint is collaborating with the Department of Social Services to offer "On-Site Foster Parent/Adoption Training," as well as many other support-based programs because we believe kids belong in families, other than group homes or institutions.  Supporting a child’s physical and emotional needs is great, but we want to take the next step and participate in solutions which allow children to grow in permanent, safe, legal and loving families. The mission of Embrace is to recruit, train and support potential foster and adoptive families.  One opportunity is to become a foster/adopt family, but there are also other ways to serve, such as organizing donations, meeting with families, providing support, facilitating CPR training and even adopting a social worker.

Support Group
On the 4th Monday of every month from 6–8:30 pm in our CPK #8 Room, we provide an opportunity for Foster families to share experiences with each other and help with their children's concerns. The first hour will be fellowship and appetizers and the second hour will be an instructional or Q&A session.  Any Foster family is invited to attend.

RVSP and request childcare below.

HOPE Convalescent Ministry

3rd Saturday/month
(Life Care Center—Menifee)

Join us in spreading hope and love to the widows and forgotten residents at the Life Care Center in Menifee. We meet in the parking lot at the Life Care Center on Encanto Road at 9:50am.


CarePortal is the access point for the church to connect and provide resources to families that are facing removal of their children or are trying to reunify with their children and need vital resources and support from the church. CarePortal meets the biological families immediate need for resources and support to prevent children from being removed from their home or to help the children leave foster care and return to their biological family.

To fill out a CarePortal Interest Form, please click the link below.

Prison Ministry

Centerpoint Prison Ministries is a ministry to the least of these. The incarcerated are lonely, confused, hopeless and broken, in need of an encouraging word, prayer, hope, and a friend. You can bring the hope to the hopeless and Jesus to the broken. We are in need of men and women who have the heart of the Father for those in prison. We are developing this ministry and working to get our feet in the door of local facilities.

Health Professionals Ministry Network

Are you ready to get out there and make a difference? We are hoping to have more volunteers for our Healthcare Professionals Ministry.

We are building our team so if you are interested in serving, please let us know. 

Home School Family Ministry

1st Friday/month from 10am-12noon
(Playground & Patio)

Are you a home school family? Come meet our other home school families on the CP campus for a time of connection and fellowship. This event is open to all home school families with children ages infant through high school. Younger kids are invited to play together on the playground and teens can connect over cards, and board games in the surrounding covered patio area. To find out more and stay connected with our Centerpoint Home School Community events look for our Facebook Group and request to join!

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We can't wait to meet you!