Centerpoint Classes

Try something powerful and new this year! 
Join a Centerpoint Class. You’ll make new friends, and dive deeper into your relationship with Jesus.We have brand new classes starting soon. Discover one that’s right for you.

Healthy Relationships

Emotionally healthy relationships are possible! This 6-week class offered by our Freedom Prayer ministry helps you be empowered to live with strong connections, effective communication, and healthy boundaries!

The cost includes a book, video, and insight from licensed therapists. For couples, please register separately so you can each get your own book for homework purposes.

Living Victorious: Principles in Marriage

Living Victorious: Principles in Marriage is a 7 week biblical study for marriages. Learn God’s design for marriage and how you can experience a vibrant healthy and growing relationship thru the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Prophetic Art Class

In the beginning God created (Genesis 1:1). We are made in His image and so, we create. Come explore the unique prophetic voice that you were born with by expressing it in art. Prophetic art is a means of sharing the very heart of God that transcends language. It is universal and brings life, healing, hope and transformation. You will be inspired to hear and express his voice in a new way.

All are welcome. No previous painting experience required. All materials are covered in the cost of the class.  

THRIVE Marriage Workshops

THRIVE marriage workshops are 6 individual workshops held one Saturday morning a month. Each month we cover one of these topics:

T- Trust
H- Healthy Communication
R- Refuge in Christ
I- Investing in Us
V- Victory in your Marriage
E- Everlasting Love

The workshop includes breakfast, teaching, hands-on application, and building community with other couples.

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