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Centerpoint believes the mission field begins outside our venue doors. As a church, we want to be a blessing to our city and the world around us.

We have the desire to see our city thrive and the gospel accessible to those around us through practical partnerships, short-term and long-term missionary work, and sponsoring a network of Missionaries around the world. CPGO is a philosophy and a way of life for the Centerpoint family to be sent out and mobilized through our small groups, ministries, and individual families to bring the love of God into our city and respond to the needs of our community. What happens at Centerpoint should never just stay at Centerpoint and we have created partnerships that give amazing opportunities to challenge and express the discipleship growth of Centerpoint members.

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CPGO Global Missions Trips

Centerpoint Church is committed to serving our local community and caring for our vulnerable residents. Our outreach team seeks to engage our local church with our city's needy, under-resourced, marginalized, and voiceless. Check our Local CPGO Sign Ups page for opportunities to serve.

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