Memorial Officiant

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Memorial Officiant

Thank you for your request. We offer our sincerest condolences and heartfelt prayers as you navigate this sacred loss. You will receive initial contact with 24-48 hours confirming your event.

Officiant Details:

Please note: Centerpoint Church can't guarantee placement of an officiant due to demand and availability. We will work hard to locate and assign an officiant for your upcoming event.

  • Once assigned, our officiants will make time to meet with you to plan your ceremony, will prepare a personal message of comfort, compassion and hope, and will attend the memorial or celebration of life ceremony to officiate the ceremony. 
  • This is work our officiant ministers will take on - on your behalf - beyond the scope of their work for Centerpoint Church. As such, we request that you provide a fee of $200 directly to the officiating pastor. Mileage rates may apply when service is not located at Centerpoint Church.
  • We consider this as your request for a Memorial Officiant. Payment will be made directly to your Officiant at the time of the service. Please do not make payable to Centerpoint Church.

Special note: For the month of December, availability for CP officiant‘s conducting memorials will be extremely limited.  This is due to our increased holiday scheduling with our Centerpoint officiant‘s group.

  • *If you are requesting a Memorial Service at Centerpoint, you must complete a Special Events Room Rental Request and have it approved before you can be assured that your service can be held at Centerpoint.

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