We are passionate about seeing the next generation of Jesus’ disciples rising up to take their place in the world. CP Kids, Centerpoint Church’s ministry for infants through fifth grade, is held during all weekend services and promises that your kids will leave filled with love and joy! CP Kids is the place for your family!

As a Children’s Ministry Team, we have strategically developed our weekend experiences so that your children encounter God. We cannot become what we haven’t seen or heard, so it is our joy to facilitate spiritual encounters for your kids that expose them to the love of God, the power of God, and the family of God.

Our Mission:
To love and lead children to a life-changing connection with Christ.

Declaration #1

God is in a good mood and so am I

Declaration #2

CP Kids is about life-changing connections

Declaration #3

Honor is happy

first time guests

Parents are invited to check their kids (infants through fifth grade) into the CP Kids Building located to the left of the Worship Center. Head to the New Families kiosk and we will enter your information into our system, write out your child’s name-tag on a VIP Sticker, and give you a corresponding number to match your child’s name-tag (this will assist you during check out). One of our team members will escort you to your children’s ministry room. Please plan on arriving fifteen minutes early so you’ll have plenty of time to check in, meet our team members and get into the Worship Center before worship starts!

cp kids on a mission

Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm
September 11th, 2019 – May 27th, 2020.
CP Kids On a Mission is a program intentionally designed for 4/5th graders to dive deeper into the love of God through a mid-week discipleship program. This weekly program is led by leaders of Centerpoint Church, who have a heart to pour into the next generation of disciples and facilitate spiritual opportunities for kids to experience, know, and become familiar with the love of God and the aspects of His kingdom.

Paired with opportunities to encounter the Lord, study His ways, and become familiar with His voice, the discipleship aspect of the program flows into our missional focus to love and lead others into a life-changing connection with Christ. CP Kids On a Mission will put into practice what they have been taught about the kingdom of God and His nature, by serving their community, our local church, and world missions through hands-on outreach opportunities.
CP Kids on a Mission is broken down into two-semesters that run from 6:30–8:00pm September 11th, 2019 through May 27th, 2020 with breaks for the holidays.

Cost per semester is $30.00 for supplies.


Infants – 12 mos. / 12 mos–3 yrs / 3 yrs–5 yrs

Our Infant ministry rooms serve our newborns through 23-month-old babies. Our CP Kids Team members are committed to nurturing, ministering, and caring for the individual needs of our young world changers. Parents can relax and enjoy the presence of the Lord in our Worship Center as their babies are cuddled and cared for. As kids begin to walk they will graduate into our toddler area, which includes a full curriculum program designed just for them.

During our weekend service experiences, we invest a considerable amount of time in worship, in hearing testimonies, and in creative and imaginative play, all of which reinforces our passion to learn God’s word and how to apply it to our lives. CP Kids uses Hillsong, a Bible-based curriculum program to ensure a consistent and engaging learning experience. All our ministry rooms are directed by CP Kids Teachers who have a passion for leading kids to learn God’s nature and ways. They have been trained to teach your children how to practice valuable spiritual disciplines such as worship, prayer, prophecy in play based age-appropriate, sometimes messy ways.


Kindergarten–5th grade

Our goal is to see your Elementary children discover the love of Jesus and connect to the identity and gifts He gave them. We desire to create the environment they need so they can come alive spiritually and learn to live in the power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of God.

Using Hillsong Curriculum, elementary kids will enjoy a dynamic program with fun, fast-paced humor, and application-based Bible lessons as they come together for a large group/small group experiences. In the large group, kids will engage in an interactive program, which reaches them through innovative messages, collaborative games, object lessons, and activations.

After large group time, the kids break into small groups for connection and reflection. Using simple questions which provoke critical thinking and life application, kids will learn to recognize God’s voice and apply God’s Word to their lives.

Special NEeds

Imagineers, our special needs ministry, focuses on providing integrative support for families into all children’s ministry rooms.

Service Accommodations

In order to meet your child’s particular needs, we offer several environment options.

  • Regularly scheduled inclusion with other children and no extra assistance
  • Regularly scheduled programming with One-on-One assistance
  • Sensory room for arrival, dismissal, and requested breaks throughout the services.

Return Visitors

After we put your information in our database, you will begin checking in at the Imagineers kiosk in the front of the CP Kids building where a CP Kids team member will provide you with a sticker with a 3-digit code each time you attend service. At that time your child will be assigned a Sidekick for the service.

How will you contact me in case of an emergency?

On your first visit, a CP Kids Team member will provide a sticker with a code that is on your portion of the sticker as well as the portion placed on your child. We will text you personally if your child needs you for any reason. If you’re not responsive to the text message the 3-digit code will be displayed on the big screens in the Worship Center.

What can I expect when I walk onto Campus for the first time?

As you arrive on campus make your way to the CP Kids building (Building B). You will be assisted in our check in area by a CP Kids Team member at a kiosk where we will receive your completed intake form. At that time a team member will join you and be introduced to your child as their service Sidekick. During service time your kids will be loved, nurtured, and surrounded with care. It is our goal to shepherd your child for so you can enjoy the presence of the Lord for the entire service.

How do you know what my child needs?

The Imagineers Ministry Director (IMD) will contact you after receiving an intake sheet on your first visit so we know how to best accommodate your child. The IMD will follow up with you after your first time to answer any questions you may have.


The family unit rooted in Jesus is God’s hope for humanity. At Centerpoint Church we have a passion to strengthen and support relationships within the family unit. God intended family to be; marriages that show honor, affection, and commitment, kids that respect and stay connected to their parents, and inheritance and legacy passed down from generation to generation.

Centerpoint Family ministry supports families as they build strong, Christ-centered family units by providing fun opportunities to connect, learn, build community, and make memories around the presence of God. Home is where revival starts and when we partner together we will see revival take over in our homes, our workplaces, our church, our communities, and our world!

Here are our goals:

  1. Facilitate community building among Centerpoint Church families
  2. Create opportunities for parents to connect in more impactful ways with their kids
  3. Empower parents with encouragement, equipping, and support