At Centerpoint Church, we are passionate about our mission. Our Management Team are the Pastors and Directors that provide leadership to our staff and volunteers to create fun, inspiring, and life-changing connections for you at Centerpoint Church.


Our Mission

Loving and leading people to a life-changing connection with Christ!

Our Method

Creating environments that bring people closer to God and each other, and further along on their spiritual journey in following Jesus.

Our Mainstay

Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord!

Our Map

We want to help people experience a spiritual journey that will encompass four basic areas—and these are our map for that journey:


Worship is about centering our hearts and lives around Jesus Christ through songs, prayer, and God’s word


Connecting is about biblical fellowship and community with God and each other


Serving is about using the gifts God has given you to help others through the ministry of the local church


Influence is about reaching our community and world with God’s love


Centerpoint Church is part of a larger ministry family called the Free Methodist Church. The FMC is an evangelical Christian denomination with roots in the Wesleyan movement. You can find out more about what we believe HERE. Centerpoint Church is part of the Free Methodist Church of Southern California, the local regional conference of the FMC.

The Free Methodist Church is not the United Methodist Church. There is strength in the story – and our story is that the FMC was birthed out of a belief in and vision for freedom during a time (the 1860’s) when that had to be fought for. We’re still passionate about freedom. Being part of a larger ministry family means that there is accountability and structure that makes us stronger.