Testimony Entry

My Testimony

When we share our testimony we recognize what Jesus has done for us and tell others so they can hear of His love, power, and salvation that bring transformation in our lives and our world. Writing your testimony helps you organize your thoughts so you will be more prepared to share your testimony with others when the opportunity arises. Once you fill out the form below, your testimony will be saved to your CP profile and the "Share your Testimony" Discipleship Step will be completed.

It might be hard to know what to say or where to begin, so to help organize your thoughts, use this simple guide to structure your testimony: Before – Encounter – After – Declaration. For the BEFORE, ENCOUNTER, and AFTER paragraphs, try to limit yourself to 6-10 sentences each. If it helps, write out as much as you need to then refine it to the core ideas and elements that capture your journey with Jesus. This will help clarify what you could share within just a few minutes if someone were to ask you about your faith journey.

In your testimony, you should briefly share how things were for you before you met Jesus. You might mention the following kinds of things: emptiness, sin, shame, guilt, despair, hopelessness, heaviness, searching, etc. The scriptures teach that apart from Christ, we are dead. In your testimony, you can acknowledge what that was like for you, personally.
Questions for further prompting: What was your lifestyle like? Where were you spiritually? What did you feel was missing in life? Where were you seeking satisfaction in life? What did your relationships look like? How did you handle challenges and difficult situations? What was your inner world like?

Then, describe the circumstances of your encounter with Jesus and how He rescued you! You might mention how you came to Centerpoint Church (or the church you encountered God’s love); you might mention the friend that shared about God’s love with you or invited you to church; you might mention the message you heard from a pastor that helped you encounter Jesus. You might share that you had a specific moment of encounter that became your turning point when you gave your life to Jesus, such as a moment in our weekend experiences together or perhaps in a friend's home.
Questions for further prompting: When did you realize your need for Jesus? Did anything hold you back at first? Who else was involved in you coming to know Jesus (friend, family, pastor, stranger)? What role did the church community (Centerpoint or other) play in you coming to know Jesus?

Then, acknowledge what life has been like after your encounter with Jesus. You might mention things like joy, peace, forgiveness, contentment, community, thankfulness, hope, light, etc. This is the part of your testimony where you are directly honoring Jesus for the way he has blessed you after you placed your faith in Him! He has blessed you - say so!
Questions for further prompting: How has your life changed since meeting Jesus? How has God’s forgiveness impacted you? What type of transformation was happened? How have your thoughts and feelings changed? What has changed in your relationships with others? How has your perspective about the past, present, or future changed?

Finally, share your brief declaration of faith. This is as simple as ‘I have decided to follow Jesus Christ – He died and rose from the dead; He is my savior and Lord!’ or ‘I believe in Jesus Christ; He died and rose again, He saved me from my sins, He has given me new life, and he is my Lord!’ or ‘I am a Christian – Jesus Christ is my savior and Lord; He died on the Cross for me and he rose from the dead and my life belongs to Him!’