CP Inspo 9.3.2020

CP INSPO for today Are you facing challenges or trials today? You can cry out to God for help- and that might be the best thing you can do! Habakkuk 3:1-3

CP Inspo 9.2.2020

“Will you be faithful with the little things?” This morning pastor James Fransz encourages us to be faithful to the small things in life. Being a champion of the ordinary moments – that leads to spiritual greatness! This Wednesday, show up for the details – and watch God turn ‘ordinary’ into something remarkable. #showup #tag […]

CP Inspo 9.1.2020

Happy September 1st everyone! We made it another month in 2020! This morning pastor Heather Sanford comes at us with some deep encouragement. Heather reminds us that as brothers and sisters in Christ – we should be examples of gentleness, kindness, and LOVE. “The world is watching”. Heather says. We are called to be the […]