next steps - leadership track

This track is designed to train and equip Centerpoint members who are interested and called to areas of leadership.

Centerpoint is an equipping church that has a priority focus and strategy to develop and identify high potential leaders. The purpose of our leadership development program is to provide specific training, equipping, guidelines, and hands-on learning opportunities to become effective leaders in all areas of ministry, business, education, and home life.

This program offers increased opportunities for personal growth as well as ministry success. This is accomplished through our CP pastors and managers team who have a desire to specifically develop leaders who are willing to pursue a lifestyle of leadership and commitment to serving at Centerpoint through outreach, missions, and specialized ministry opportunities.

The call of God for each believer is diverse. The gifts and responsibilities are so extensive it will take the entire church working together to accomplish the assignment given to us to represent Jesus to the world. This leadership development program is for those who are interested in responding and training into their God-given assignments.