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John Hansen, Lead Pastor - June 27, 2021

Part 1 | The Purchase and the Process

Welcome to our new series LIVE THAT LOVE at Centerpoint! This week Pastor John will be taking a look at the book of 1st John. This book of the bible shows people the way of love, and calls us to live that love!

Scripture References: 1 John 1:1-2:6

From Series: "LIVE THAT LOVE"

In this series, we are going through a whole book of the Bible, 1st John. So I want you to flip to the very back of your Bible right now. If you hit Revelation, go left… This is a pretty short book of the bible. It’s probably only 3-4 pages in your actual Bible. But in this short book, the word love is used 52 times. The book of 1st John shows people the way of love - and calls us to live that love!


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