The family unit rooted in Jesus is God’s hope for humanity. At Centerpoint Church we have a passion to strengthen and support relationships within the family unit. God intended family to be; marriages that show honor, affection, and commitment, kids that respect and stay connected to their parents, and inheritance and legacy passed down from generation to generation.

Centerpoint Family ministry supports families as they build strong, Christ-centered family units by providing fun opportunities to connect, learn, build community, and make memories around the presence of God. Home is where revival starts and when we partner together we will see revival take over in our homes, our workplaces, our church, our communities, and our world!

Here are our goals:
  1. Facilitate community building among Centerpoint Church families.
  2. Create opportunities for parents to connect in more impactful ways with their kids.
  3. Empower parents with encouragement, equipping, and support

Upcoming Families events

For more information about our Families' Ministry, please email us Here.

Sally Krueger

Leader of Families Ministry