Dear friends

On Easter weekend, I went out on a limb and made space for some ministry time in each weekend service; we publicly prayed for healing and ministered prophetically. I shared a public word of knowledge that was very unusual; I shared that a person was there where there had been a dream of becoming a figure skater that didn’t work out, but that the Lord was saying ‘it’s okay! I wanted it that way because I had a better plan’. This week, a woman emailed me to share, in short, that that person was her daughter who was en-route to becoming an olympic figure skater, but it didn’t work out. Sitting in church and hearing that word of knowledge was something that God worked through powerfully in her life to help her feel the precise, personal nature of His love; it brought healing and awakening at the same time. Isn’t that cool? Yay God! Oh, and I ALSO want to celebrate that this past weekend, 7 people said yes to Jesus! That’s loving and leading people to a life-changing connection with Christ! Thank YOU for being a part of it!


1. Join me this weekend for THUNDERSTRUCK, part 5!

This weekend, I will be wrapping up the Thunderstruck series, and I hope you’ll join me for it. There are ways each one of us need to grow in understanding what God is really saying, and this weekend, I will drill down into how you can grow in your understanding of what God is really saying —to you, to us, to our world. I hope you’ll join me in person (or online) at 9, 11 & 5. If you’ve missed any of the previous weeks of the Thunderstruck series, give them a listen or a watch so you get the full view of THUNDERSTRUCK! You can catch those messages HERE ON YOUTUBE or HERE on APPLE PODCAST or HERE ON SPOTIFY or HERE ON ANCHOR PODCASTS. See you this weekend at 9, 11 or 5! 

2. Pray for Ann and I as we begin our Sabbatical on May 16th!

I am so grateful for the calling God has given me to be your pastor—to serve as Lead Pastor of Centerpoint Church. It is a privilege and an honor! I want to continue to serve WELL in this capacity, and sometimes, to serve well for the long haul, a break is needed. A sabbatical is an extended period of leave for a person in a role like mine. It is a time to refresh, rest, read, reflect, and retool. Ann and I are so grateful that our Centerpoint Board approved this sabbatical for us! Our sabbatical begins May 16th, and we will be on leave until the end of July. This weekend (May 15th) is our last weekend before our sabbatical begins. If we miss you this weekend, farewell for now! 

As Ann and I head into Sabbatical, I am grateful for our team who will be faithfully carrying the ministry forward! Executive Pastor, Rick McGee, is on point in my absence, with Executive Director of Finance and Ops, Christopher Mannoia, joining him in an interim directional capacity. Our other pastors and leaders are stepping up in new ways to be sure that our community will have the full leadership and shepherding that is needed. I’m excited! I believe CP is in good hands during this sabbatical period for Ann and I! I hope you will prayerfully support our team as they step up in our absence!

3. Ready to take the plunge of a lifetime? GET BAPTIZED!

I want to invite you to take the next step in your discipleship journey by being baptized during our weekend services this weekend on Sunday, May 22nd! Being baptized is a step you take to publicly declare that you belong to Jesus and prophetically invite His resurrection power into your life. If you’re ready to be baptized, sign up here. If you have never been baptized or have recently given your life to Jesus, this is your next step!

4. Get back to the Basics with Foundations! Sign Up Today!

If you are new to your Christian faith and want to grow, you need FOUNDATIONS! Foundations is a 7-week introduction to Christian discipleship designed to teach you how to interact with the Bible and spend time with God daily! This small group class is for everyone, whether you are a new believer or just interested in growing in Christ. The class will start on 6/5 and end on 7/24.  It’s every Sunday from 1pm–2:30pm in the CP Kids building. Childcare is provided and the class is only $10! Sign Up Here!

 5. It’s not too late to come explore and express the prophetic voice you were born with in our Prophetic Art Class starting May 12th! 

We are made in His image and so, we create. Prophetic art is a means of sharing the very heart of God that transcends language. It is universal and brings life, healing, hope and transformation. You will be inspired to hear and express his voice in a new way. All are welcome. No previous painting experience required. All materials are covered in the cost of the class. Sign Up Here today!


  • Join us for Youth Camp on June 20th–24th! CPYouth will be joining hundreds of students from around the state at Camp Pondo with the intent to dive into what it means to Live Out Loud as a believer of Jesus Christ! The early bird price of $300 ends on May 1st! You can find out more HERE

7. Dedicate your child this month!

Four times a year we provide a moment in our weekend services for child dedications. This is your opportunity to commit to the Lord that you will responsibly care for that which He has entrusted to you—giving your child love, instruction, and discipline! Most importantly, you are committing to give him or her a clear example of what it means to love Jesus with all of your heart. Child dedications are taking place next month on Sunday, May 29th at 9 am, 11 am, & 5 pm services. The last day to register is Monday, May 23rd to allow our team time to prepare for every one of our honored guests. Sign Up today!


That’s all for now… God bless you and see you soon, CP fam!


Pastor John