Do you want to learn about where you fit in at CP and the important role you play in our church? CP has a place just for you and we need you to fill it. No-one else can do what you do to grow the body of Christ. CP101 is one of the very first steps you can take to identify that place and to learn why, what, and how you can do just that.

It is our desire for every member of Centerpoint Church to get involved in giving back to the church and our community. CP 101 is our pathway to volunteering on and joining a CP Team. You will learn more about Centerpoint culture and learn our heart and history so that you will be equipped to volunteer on a team you are passionate about.

CP101 meets every weekend so check the calendar and register online to let us know when to expect you. This is going to be so exciting! Can’t wait to meet you.

Upcoming CP101 events

Rachel Hanson

CP Teams manager